We can’t think of a better way to inaugurate this third edition of #mallorcadesignday : With Nacho Montes and his new novel “Schiaparelli: the Italian in Paris” as protagonists and in a spectacular location as it was the Hotel Cappuccino.

Yesterday we enjoyed the presentation talking about design, fashion, designers… An inspiring evening, to say the least.

With this event we start this new edition of the design festival in Mallorca: we continue today with the day dedicated to interior design at our headquarters: Aquaquae, where we will have the opportunity to meet important figures in the world of interior design such as Tomás Alía and 2Monos.

In addition, we will taste the creative work of Ariadna Salvador and Xesc Reina.

Remember that you can follow it in streaming on our website: www.mallorcadesignday.es from 19:00 hours.