This year we have a new sponsor: C&A. From #mallorcadesignday we are delighted to be able to collaborate with a company that, like us, values the diversity of people and in which sustainability has always been one of its main bets to respect the planet.

Within this very interesting initiative, C&A has set a clear objective: to make 100% of the cotton they use more sustainable until it is 100% sustainable. They reject the use of conventional cotton, since the production of organic cotton practices crop rotation, alternating between the plants that are planted and thus the land remains healthy and the plants grow strong and without the use of pesticides.

And that’s not all, other organic materials they use are recycled wool and cashmere and polyester and nylon made from recycled materials. Manufacturing from scratch requires a lot of water, energy and other resources, so using recycled materials helps save those resources and reduce waste.

We couldn’t be prouder to have a sponsor that is so committed to the environment. We thank you for your support.