The Aquaquae headquarters hosted yesterday the Interior Design Night of this III edition of Mallorca Design Day. The famous and renowned Spanish interior designer and architect Tomás Alía was the highlight of the event, which brought together important professionals from the world of architecture, design and interior design in Mallorca.

Alía stressed the importance of going back to the origins, to craftsmanship, to what is handmade and forever. We also had a presentation of the Mallorcan brand 2MONOS, which explained how they work with sustainability in mind: they recycle, recover pieces that are no longer in use to give them a new life and the most interesting thing: that they are used forever and are timeless. In this way, we avoid one of the biggest problems today: the throwaway culture. Moreover, they do not produce stock, as they do not want to produce without knowing if it will be sold or not: each piece is personalised.

After the intervention of these great figures of interior design, we screened the 3 finalist works that are competing for the 1st National Interior Design Award of Mallorca Design Day. The director of the Design Institut of Spain, Juan Mellen, highlighted the quality and level of the participants and, in particular, of the finalists. They are Cel Marí by Bárbara Beltrán, La Marinella by Mathilde Gudefin and Salinas by Nuria Cabarrocas. The name of the winner will be announced tonight at the competition’s final gala held at the Fábrica Ramis in Inca.

Finally, we enjoyed an exquisite tasting by chef Xesc Reina, who prepared all the dishes inspired by the contamination of the sea. He vindicated the importance of the fact that cooking makes us think and of the plastic touch. The moment in which he began to break up one of the dishes he prepared, which simulated the bottom of the sea, undoubtedly stood out, and after a guest was astonished and told him that he was “destroying the sea”, Reina concluded: “I can see that you have understood the meaning of the dish”. In this way, Xesc made us not only enjoy his cuisine, but also fulfilled the task he mentioned at the beginning: to make us think.

Dessert was provided by pastry chef Ariadna Salvador, who from the very first moment won over all the guests with the design of each of her creations. She explained to us that she works on the basis of a concept and that it is the volumes, textures, products, colours… that help to tell what she wants. Desserts ranging from ruby chocolate, contrasts of acid and chocolate… to essential oils of flowers. Once again, we thank Ariadna for her effort, talent and sympathy with which she closed this incredible day.

Remember: Today from 7 p.m. at the Fábrica Ramis in Inca, the final Gala of this III edition of Mallorca Design Day will be held. Presented by Raquel Sánchez Silva, the catwalk shows of the International Winner, the National Winner and the 6 finalists of Balearic fashion will be shown, and the name of the winner of this last category will be announced. You can follow everything that happens from 19:00 hours via streaming on our website YOU CAN’T MISS IT!