Today we want to talk to you about all the categories of the #mallorcadesignday  .Remember that they all have to revolve around the theme of the competition, “save the sea“.


·BALEAR. This is yours if you are a resident of the Balearic Islands.

·NATIONAL. For residents in Spain, except for those in the Balearic Islands.

·INTERNATIONAL. Aimed at designers resident outside Spain.

·CURVY. Aimed at all persons resident in Spain, including those from the Balearic Islands.

Remember that you can combine the latter with Balearic and National, more entries, more chances to win prizes! You have until March 16th, what are you waiting for?


It is addressed to all the people living in the Spanish territory, including Balearic Islands, and if you are interested, you have until May 10th to present us your project.


Dedicated to non-professionals interested in photography and exclusively for residents of the Balearic Islands. If you want to apply, the registration period is until May 8.

If you have any questions, we leave you the direct link that will take you to the pdfs with the rules of the different categories. You can also contact our team at