The fashion industry is among the most polluting in the world due to the trend of what is called “fast fashion”. This term encompasses several trends in the textile industry, including the following:

·Mass production, poor quality garments, and therefore low use.

·The great impact of product manufacturing on the environment.

·The unfair working conditions of workers.

In response to this, the “slow fashion” movement was born, a term that Kate Fletcher, professor of Sustainability, Design and Fashion in London, began to use in 2001. It consists of supporting the following points:

·Responsible consumption of clothes.

·Sustainable and non-polluting manufacturing.

·The reuse and recycling of clothing.

In this light, we are obliged to do our bit and raise awareness among all designers and companies in the industry. So you know, if you are in favour of the alternatives offered by the term “slow fashion”, join us in this edition and participate! Here below we leave you some marks that already practice it to inspire you.