Since the birth of #mallorcadesignday we have defended the diversity of sizes and in this third edition we did not want to stop doing it. There is no doubt that in the fashion industry it is time for diversity and from our team we maintain that it is necessary to reward emerging designers who bet on it. For this reason, we have the CURVY CATEGORY within the fashion contest.

Although there is still a long way to go to break definitively with the rigid and unrealistic canons of fashion, it is a fact that more and more agencies ask for models of size 40 or 42 or what is known as “in between” model: healthy women with standard measures. This is the case, for example, of Eva María Pérez Llano, who we have had since the first year, who became the first curvy model in Madrid’s Fashion Week having a size 46 and who currently does an impeccable job with the “Yonosoy906090” movement; or Victoria’s Secret, who last summer decided to incorporate the Sevillian Lorena Durán as the image of one of the lingerie campaigns or hanging on her Instagram account the first image of a size 44 model, Ali Tate.

Our team believes that one of the main pillars of this fight is for emerging designers to create collections that have room for real people. That is why we encourage that if you are studying or have already completed studies related to the world of design and / or clothing and do not have a consolidated brand, you dare to submit proposals for sizes between 44 and 46. You can also combine it with the Balearic or national category and thus be eligible for two prizes. What are you waiting for? Do your bit by participating in the pioneering competition to reward size diversity!


Photographs: @Yonosoy906090