This week we had the pleasure of attending the show of Pablo Erroz‘s new collection, “Non-Seasonal 2021 Collection”, at 080 Barcelona. A proposal that, following the new strategy of the brand and carried out in the previous edition, is timeless and unites winter and summer, which makes it a commitment to consumption more friendly and respectful of the environment, as well as more limited and exclusive.

Despite the fact that the collection follows a very masculine line, it shows a full versatility of “unisex” garments that allows them to be perfectly interchangeable between masculine and feminine figures. The garments are dominated by oversize, sporty, relaxed and sophisticated shapes, and also approach traditional tailoring and cashmere and merino wool knitwear. Colours were mostly neutral, though mustard yellow, pistachio green and purple were also present. Some looks were also accompanied by Meller glasses, Hamster helmets and gloves and Chay Shoes shoes. In addition, the lamps and the carpet on the catwalk were also designed by him in collaboration with Alfombras Hispania and LightingSpain.

We can only congratulate Pablo Erroz for the excellent show, we couldn’t enjoy it more!