Today we want to encourage you to take a look at Patricia Urquiola’s exhibition, “Nature Morte Vivante”, available free of charge until March 1st at the Fernán Gómez Centro Cultural de la Villa in Madrid. The exhibition displays products from different stages of the designer’s career, showing her products designed for industrial production, sometimes for craft production and very often at the intersection between the two.

All the pieces are organized around five “still lives”, which are not still lifes, inspired by the painting of Dalí Nature Morte Vivante and another of Remedios Varo Naturaleza Muerto resurrecting: “Transparent Things”, which brings together a collection of objects that have been important throughout his career, a connection between the past and the future; the so-called “Empathic Journeys”, which brings together designs in which journeys, real and imaginary, are his inspiration; the concept of “Resistances”, is shown in projects that invite you to think; “Gender? What Gender”, which brings together objects that approach gender from a non-binary perspective; and finally, that of the projects in collaboration with creators from other fields, “Contaminations”.

For us, personally, what we find most interesting of all is the use she makes of Upycling, reusing recycled materials to produce new ones, and which, without a doubt, is a unique opportunity to get to know the work of our country’s most international designer up close.

Come on and don’t miss out on this great opportunity!