As we have been telling you over the course of the different editions of the competition, #mallorcadesignday has been committed to size diversity since its inception and we are the current pioneers in rewarding emerging designers who bet on it.

Today we want to talk about something that we are particularly happy about: Dolce & Gabbana’s commitment to expand the size of their collections. We are happy because this means that luxury fashion can be within the reach of a woman of one size up to 54. Until the Italian brand made this commitment, there was no other prestigious brand that would have done so. In the Pre-Fall 2019 collection, they showed some large-size models, and today it’s common to see women with curves in their instagram.

Another example of how the fashion industry is gradually making women more beautiful. It’s not just a question of size, but of curviness. Having said all this, we want to confess that we are so eager to see your curvy collections… we’re looking forward to it! Don’t miss this opportunity to say NO to beauty standards and to show that you too, as an emerging designer, are committed to diversity among women. 5 days left!