Mireia Mendoza was the first deaf-blind model to walk on the runway. It happened in Milan this February, for the sustainable knitwear brand Esh by Esh and its collection “I see”, precisely with the intention of giving visibility to her collective.

The 25-year-old Mallorcan was born with Usher syndrome, which affects both hearing and vision. But that was no problem for the positive attitude and fighting spirit of Mireia, who walked in the Milan Fashion Week, helped by her cane and accompanied by a model-guide.


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We were able to ask her a few questions before the big day…

When and how does your passion for modeling start?

It was February 2019. The Russian designer wanted to contact me and collaborate with the Balearic association of people with deafblindness and needed me as a model to raise awareness and give visibility.

Who would you cite as a reference or inspiration?

I would refer to Nieves Álvarez, Malena Costa, Judit Mascó and Blanca Suárez.

What are your next goals and purposes?

My goals are to pass the oppositions, to have a good job, to have my own house, to be a professional model.

Any dreams to fulfill?

I would fulfill a dream of mine that is to make many catwalks as a model and photo sessions.

See you in just 9 days!