The recipe for happiness, Coca-Cola. The brand that unites us all, as its latest advertising campaign indicates, “unites people in any situation and place in the world” and we can not agree more, because it is precisely the theme of this second edition. Thank you very much for being present one more year on our big day, next May 24th!

Since pharmacist John Pemberton invented the famous drink in 1886 – Coca-Cola is the second most recognized word after “okay” – the company has always listened to consumers.

Coca-Cola has always tried to make a positive impact on society. Not only in the purely economic and labour aspects, but also by contributing to social and environmental development. This commitment begins with the reduction of sugar in its beverages and the launch of new and different beverages, as well as reducing its environmental impact, promoting satisfactory careers for its employees and boosting the economic development of the communities in which it operates.


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