SOMOS+QUEUNATALLA (WE ARE MORE THAN A SIZE) proclaims the beauty of any body, it goes beyond the size guide. It aims to stop with the dictatorship of the ideal body and teach a lesson about self acceptance and acceptance in general, raising awareness about illnesses like bulimia or anorexia.

Eva María Perez Llano, the first curvy model to walk for Maison Mesa in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Madrid, started this important movement. «Every person is unique and we need to be valued by what we do, not for our pants size», explains Eva. «You can motivate this change, we can achieve it thanks to you because there’s nothing more contagious than the example».

Here you have part of the campaign Eva María Perez Llano started to make it viral, with already many Spanish celebrities joining. We hope you can all participate and support this movement by filming your own video.

@somosmasqueunatalla @yonosoy906090

Our director, Raquel Arañón, participating
in the campaign YOU ARE MORE THAN A SIZE.