Sponsors Area: Keragres

Keragres is a distributing company of the main manufacturers of pavements and coverings. With more than 20 years of experience in the ceramic sector, today it has the best and most important product companies, both in the construction sector and in interior design and decoration.

As in the world of fashion, trends also set the tone in the construction industry. Every year, products aimed at the contemporary world are presented at the different trade fairs of the sector, products that allow an endless number of possibilities to create unique and personalised atmospheres. Thanks to this updating process and the fact of being in constant contact with the latest novelties, Keragres offers a wide selection of products for all possible spaces, in which factors such as comfort and design combine with the best guarantee of resistance and durability.

Keragres stands out for its quality of service and for the great professionalism of its team. For #mallorcadesignday to have the support of this company again is an honor, design and creativity is our motto and we are passionate about interior design and hope to incorporate this discipline in later editions. Thank you for coming back to this second edition of MDD.